About me

Hi, I’m Vera…

… and I am happy that you stumble upon my website! I hope you like it here!

I am an illustrator and graphic designer, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I work in a small IT company where my responsibilities include designing website structures and layouts, creating branding materials, as well as coming up with all the supplemental creative to a website or a social media profile (i.e. logos, banners, picture posts, online and print advertising materials).

As an illustrator I draw mainly people and I’m very found of the simple and clean style of the french illustrators from the ’90s which I try to implement in my own drawing style. I also stand behind the idea that with an illustration one can easily explain complex systems, processes, products and services. Such illustrations I did for  TendrikTimedix and Serpact.

If you want an illustrated character of yourself or of someone close to you (maybe even a cat), or something different and unique for your web site (or if you want to just chat about something), feel free to send me a message!

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